Our sausage contains no preservatives, no additives, and it is all-natural pork sausage. We have used the same techniques for over 40 years. We choose to take our time double-grinding the pork before it enters the casing, never cutting corners. The unique seasonings used are homemade recipes that never fail to delight.

Flavors We Offer


GERMAN - German Sausage is our most popular sausage. It is our most mild blend with great flavor!

JALAPENO - Spicy sausage containing not just jalapeno chunks, but jalapeno juice to give it an extra kick.

JALAPENO CHEESE - This is the same as our Jalapeno Sausage with the addition of high melt cheddar cheese, which gives it a good texture and cheesy.

CAJUN - Our Cajun Sausage has a great creole flavor to it. Has a pepper-y taste, as if it is straight from the Bayou!

BREAKFAST - A mild breakfast sausage available in chubs for ground breakfast or in breakfast links.


German, Jalapeno Cheese and Cajun

Same great flavors as our raw Windthorst Sausage, but hickory smoked and fully cooked ready to eat.