+How do I order bulk sausage?

The best way is to call us. Custom orders cannot be processed via this website. We also offer bulk sausage discounts for orders over 10+ lbs, so to guarantee you get the bulk discount please call. 

->Minimum of 2-3 days notice required for all bulk orders to guarantee availability.


+Do you slaughter/custom process?

->We recently renovated our plant to be able to offer private slaughter again. We are not currently accepting animals from the public for processing. You can visit our page "Buy A Beef" if you would like to purchase one.


+Do you process wild game?

->No, unfortunately we cannot accept deer or wild hogs.


+Is your sausage gluten free?

->Yes! We do not put any additives or fillers in any of our products.


For all other questions feel free to call us or message us on Facebook!

(940) 423-6655

Windthorst Sausage Company, LLC.