Pictured above: beef from Harmony Feeders in Anson, TX

Where Our Beef Come From

Pictured above: Tommy's great-uncle third from the left estimated 1920-1925.


We have teamed up with a ranch down in Anson, TX (roughly two hours SW of Windthorst) to bring in beef for private slaughter. Harmony Feeders has been in the cattle business since the late 1800's. Passed down from family members, Tommy has devoted his life to raising quality grain-fed* beef.

*Beef are fed a balanced diet of steam flaked corn, wet distillery grain, cotton burrs, and a mineral pack that provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. This feed is a blend designed by nutritionists to provide everything needed for maximum health and performance for the cattle. It also makes them fat and happy.


What We Do

We are a State Inspected slaughter and processing facility. The animals come directly from the farm to our plant and we process it into different cuts of beef for our customers. Farm-to-table. All of our products come vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness.