Buy A Beef

Pictured above: beef from Harmony Feeders in Anson, TX

Now offering whole beef processing, half beef processing, and quarter beef processing.

Pictured above: Tommy's great-uncle third from the left estimated 1920-1925.


We have teamed up with a ranch down in Anson, TX (roughly two hours SW of Windthorst) to bring in beef for private slaughter. Harmony Feeders has been in the cattle business since the late 1800's. Passed down from family members, Tommy has devoted his life to raising quality grain-fed* beef.


We are bringing in 30 month old and younger calves for slaughter to offer a larger variety of red meat products to our customers. 

You can either purchase these items individually, in a pre-cut and put together meat bundle, or you can pay for custom processing. While some people are fine with the pre-cut bundles, we understand that some customers have specific preferences on cuts of meat, thickness, and packaging.

New to custom processing? We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. You can even come in and pick a beef from our cooler, we just ask that you leave the actual slicing and dicing up to our butchers. We will go through a cutting order to ensure you get what you want - though options will vary depending on what part of the animal you purchase.


We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to reserve your beef, and the remaining balance must be collected before we begin processing. Total costs will vary depending on the hanging/carcass weight of the animal and the size (whole, half, quarter) beef you choose. You can pay for the non-refundable deposit here on our website, in-store, or over the phone.


We charge based on the hanging/carcass weight of the animal. Hanging weight is not equivalent to the weight of returned meat. There is roughly a 28% loss of weight from carcass to finished product. If you order a whole beef that has a live weight of 1150 lbs, the hanging weight will be roughly 644 lbs. After cuts, trimming, de-boning, etc. the amount of meat you can expect to take home is roughly 460 lbs of meat. 

Formula :

Live weight to hanging weight is an estimated 44% loss

1150 lbs x 56% = 644 lbs

Hanging weight to finished product is an estimated 28% loss

644 lbs x 72% = 463 lbs


The turn around time is two weeks** from when the final payment is made. That means we will begin processing after you have a zero balance owed. 



*Beef are fed a balanced diet of steam flaked corn, wet distillery grain, cotton burrs, and a mineral pack that provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. This feed is a blend designed by nutritionists to provide everything needed for maximum health and performance for the cattle. It also makes them fat and happy.

**Turn around time may vary based on certain factors such as requested hanging time


This is private slaughter only for customers who do not have their own animals. For information on custom exempt processing, please refer to the "Custom Processing" page.