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Chain Reaction Season-All ;

Our chain reaction blend is truly a season-all. This all-purpose seasoning starts with a smoky flavor followed by earthy and bright tones before a lingering and building heat from our unique mix of chiles. Whether you barbecue, smoke, grill, sous vide and sear, bake, fry or roast, you can use our season-all to yield truly remarkable results!


Cattle Drive Beef Seasoning ;

With black pepper, onion, and other spices added to our signature Chain Reaction, Cattle Drive seasoning enhances and brings out the natural flavors of beef. With a low salt formulation and a light touch of sugar, this BBQ dry rub helps form a tasty bark that clings and caramelizes as it cooks. Cattle Drive's very low sodium and bold flavor makes it the perfect replacement for pepper on your table.


Good Shepherd Lamb Seasoning ;

Our good shepherd seasoning is specially created for preparing lamb that really stands out from the flock. We start with chain reaction and add all-natural ingredients like black pepper, mustard, and a few earthy, aromatic spices to synchronize perfectly with the natural flavors in lamb.


Pecking Order Poultry Seasoning ;

With black pepper, sugar, turmeric, and a few earthy, aromatic spices to perfectly complement poultry, a healthy dose of pecking order produces a deliciously tasty charbroiled result with a crispy golden skin. It brings out the natural flavors in poultry to give you a finished product that is both beautiful and delicious.


Whole Hog Pork Seasoning ;

When it comes to bbq pork, we're all about the whole hog. From pork shoulder and ribs to chops and tenderloin, let us give you the perfect pork rub for smoking, no matter which cut you are preparing. Whole hog seasoning brings out the natural flavors of pork with a slight sweetness and a touch of heat to give you the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


Jerked Chain Jerk Seasoning ;

Jerked chain is a dry-rub Jamaica jerk seasoning that hits the high notes and is guaranteed to make you smile. Made with all-natural ingredients and starting with chain reaction® as a base, we add a touch of cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and brown sugar to bring out the tastes of the Caribbean.

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